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because gossip is more fun when you don't have to whisper

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Help us run a peaceful and loving celeb gossip community by following these simple rules!

1. No personal attacks unless someone deserves it! See rule #2 for a list of scenarios in which a personal attack may be permitted or even encouraged...

2. The unprompted use of pejoratives such as taint licker, triviazling the plight of/denying the existence of unicorns, and the use of a supernatural gif UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE are all considered offenses worthy of a mild to moderate verbal berating. Anyone who happens to witness one of the aforementioned events occurring may deliver an appropriate retaliation.

3. No trolling allowed. However, internet martyrdom, intellectual terrorism and freedom fighting are encouraged.

Please read this before you submit anything!

1. Make sure your post has a source! Sources provide us with delusions of journalistic integrity! Or don't, w/e.

2. Put it under a cut if it's long! If you don't know how to use lj-cuts you are probably a genetically malformed mouth breather and we don't need your kind around here.

3. If people are mocking the content of your post, we will probably find it funny. And remember, they are laughing at you, not with you!

Remember: at POPCULTURED you are judged not by the coloring of your icons, but by the content of your comments.

And there's no need to use inside voices!

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