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Director Bryan Singer talks X-Men: Apocalypse’s run time

Speaking at the San Pedro International Film Festival, director Bryan Singer opened up about the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, revealing that it might be longer than previous X-Men films and that it has a moment culminating the entire series, which you’ll get to see in the film’s trailer.

The cut’s a little long right now, but I think it’s going to be a longer X-Men movie. The X-Men movies I usually I keep under two hours, but this one I may actually let be a longer movie because it’s sort of a wrap-up of six movies. It’s kind of a wrap up of X-Men 1, 2, 3, First Class, Days of Future Past, and there’s even an homage at the end, a scene. Its going to get spoiled because they decided to use it in the trailer which comes out in like six months, but it’s a really cool trailer. But it’s kind of a wrap up of six movies. So, it might run a little bit long.



Bill Maher on Pharma Giving Kids Drugs

Bill insults Andrew Sullivan over mental illness and Pharma.


ABC’s Martha Raddatz grilled Republican presidential candidate and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Sunday morning over his remarks condemning the Oregon shooter’s father, asking Jindal if he really knows enough about the situation to be blaming the father.



Carey kept showing up in the press but for the wrong reasons, like her Norma Desmond-like ride on a New York subway last week clad in a formal gown and white gloves. That doesn’t make her seem street or one with the people, it makes her seem confused about where she is and out of touch. If she wants to ride the subway, something I imagine she hasn’t done in decades, as a publicity stunt, that’s fine, but don’t do it in a way that only makes you seem even more unrelatable.

For the most part, Mariah Carey has kept her very poor ticket sales for her Vegas Residency out of the press. But anybody can go to AXS to figure out just how poorly tickets are selling. As of today, you can easily get 10 Mariah Carey tickets very near the stage for the first date, May 6. A quick search on other dates reveals even more of a sales disaster. However, Mariah Carey’s residency doesn’t begin for another three months, and ticket sales may improve.

Perhaps Mariah Carey may want to get advice from Jennifer Lopez, a woman who may not sell a lot of records, but keeps getting new commercial and movie offers. Unlike Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez has become more relatable to the general public. Where do you think Mariah Carey went wrong in her career? Tell us in the comments section.


"TOMORROWLAND" superbowl tease


Full trailer to run tomorrow during the Superbowl!


Some updates from the upcoming Jurassic World film to hit theatres this June.


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Stay tuned for the Jurassic World Superbowl trailer to debut tomorrow!